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Our Jewelry is not mass produced they are all one of a kind.                           

  Taylor Made Gemstone


At Taylor Made Gemstone, we start from the very beginning with our huge supply of various types of gem stone such as petrified wood, jasper, opal, agate coprolite and others.

We offer slabs cut from the rough to cabochones cut, rounded and polished as well as finished cabochones that are wire wrapped or can be  custom ordered and wrapped for specific taste and likes in jewelry.

We have a supply of tumbled stone also wire wrapped  and made into jewelry.  We also make wind chimes using gem stone slabs for added beauty.

Visit us today at Idaho Falls, ID to see our unique collection of hand made items.


Blue Forrest Petrified Wood

Metal and obsidian flint knapped knives without display

Metal and obsidian flint knapped knives on deer antler displays

Handmade, gemstone jewelry with wire wrapped cabochones, and glass beading for added character, uniquely designed and crafted, some with matching earrings. Rings made out of sterling silver, and necklaces formatted with sterling silver spoon handles with faceted gemstones added for a touch of elegance. The baby tobasco geode earrings add a different class of taste in today's jewelry fashion.

And our latest expansion of our gemstone business, Metal and obsidian flint knapped knives with deer antler handles and deer antler displays.


Flourite 3 tier necklace on a 20 inch beaded necklace with matching earrings and a bracelet.